Steam Cleaning Upholstery Ruislip

Steam cleaning upholstery with the help of a professional can yield exceptional results. With spending so much time at home recently we have all made use of our upholstery suites. With this increased usage comes the likelihood of increased staining. Furthermore, the upholstery is more likely to be showing signs of general wear.

Steam cleaning upholstery Ruislip

So many believe we live in a ‘throw away’ society. It has become too easy to throw items away and replace them with new ones. Sofa companies are offering interest free finance deals which has compiled this. However, it is important that we drive forward knowledge of suite cleaning. Suites that can be steam cleaned are sometimes unnecessarily replaced.


Therefore, we take great pride in spreading knowledge and information about steam cleaning upholstery. This grey upholstery suite was cleaned recently in Ruislip, Buckinghamshire.


We follow a four-stage upholstery cleaning process:

  • Stage 1: All furniture is thoroughly hoovered using a water filtration hoover. We sheet up your floor, under the furniture to make sure no splashes, or over spray is spilt.
  • Stage 2: We use a fabric pre-spray which is applied using a sponge or brush depending on the fabric.
  • Stage 3: We then rinse the fabric with an upholstery tool, connected to a portable extraction machine, depending on the fabric type will dictate at which temperature we clean at.
  • Stage 4: Fabric is inspected, and re-cleaned if needed in certain areas. It is then wiped down to help withdraw moisture, and to reset any nap that certain fabrics have.


We always inspect your furniture so that we can give an honest opinion as to what results your likely to get. This means you are able to make a decision based on this, ensuring you do not waste your money if unsatisfactory results are likely. This is something that we at A-Mark Cleaning are passionate about. Call today on 0800 695 1118.


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