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Our carpet cleaning services provide a comprehensive provision for our clients. We work throughout Buckinghamshire to deep clean carpets and upholstery. Part of our service is carpet stain removal. Just by a discussion on the nature of the carpet stain, we are likely to be able to offer advice on how successful the process will be.


It is important that we provide information and advice on removing stains. Therefore, we have written a range of frequently asked questions for common stains and possible solutions.


Did you know that our stain removal success is usually dependent on the following elements?


carpet cleaning services ChalfontWhether your carpet has been treated with stain protection solutions. If your carpet has been treated, it is likely that our job will be much easier. The stain will likely not have penetrated the fibres. Successful removal is very likely with this case.


Another consideration is what your carpet is made from. Woollen carpets tend to absorb stains quite quickly. Whereas synthetic carpets tend to repel stains a little more.


The third consideration is how long the stain has been present. A more recent stain is much more likely to be removed than one that has been hidden under a piece of furniture for a year. The thought is much the same as any stain on clothing. As you would place it straight in the wash, we advise that you promptly call for assistance.  


Another consideration is what our customer has done to previously remove the stain. In the panic to remove carpet stains, individuals often tend to overuse stain removing solutions and scrub the area. This can, unfortunately, lock the stain into the carpet or further damage it. We are equipped to appropriately work to remove all stains, residue and leave your carpets looking great.


We remove thousands of stains, and our company is well respected throughout the industry. So, rest assured we will always give you the best advice and carpet cleaning service.


Stain Advice

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