Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is the cornerstone of our business, up to 80% of our work is carpet cleaning. We clean hundreds of thousands of square metres of fitted carpet every year.


There are various systems to clean domestic carpets, generally speaking a system called Hot Water Extraction is used, this is often referred to as steam cleaning, or shampooing carpets. Rest assured that we will only use the cleaning system that is best for the job.


How do we know what is right for your carpet? As well have completed numerous carpet cleaning  courses, we have the experience needed to see what your carpet is made from, how soiled/stained it is and can almost always tell you what results you can expect, this means you won’t be wasting your money on any cleaning, and gives you the customer peace of mind.




Carpet Cleaning in Ruislip, Watford, Pinner, Ealing, Northwood, Uxbridge, HarrowStage 1:

Thorough Hoovering


Now it’s a fact of life that customers may not hoover regularly enough or don’t change the filters on their hoover regularly. We realise people lead busy lives, so we complete a thorough hoover of the area to be cleaned, using a commercial grade hoover, we move sofa’s, beds, and furniture where we safely can, and hoover any dust built up on skirting boards around the back of furniture if needed.



Stage 2:

Pre Spray


Depending on what your carpet is made from either wool/wool mix or synthetic, and how soiled and stained will depend on what pre spray we use. We are experts in identifying what’s a wool carpet, or what’s synthetic, and we will always inform you if your unsure yourself. The pre spray is sprayed onto the areas to be cleaned.



Stage 3:

Agitation and Downtime


The agitation process can be a hand scrubber or if heavily soiled a rotary scrubber. This allows the pre spay to work into the fibres at the base of the carpet. Dirt/Stains will start to fade at this stage, also any specific carpet stains will be treated here prior to deep cleaning. Depending on level of soiling or staining we then leave the pre spray to work its magic, for anything between 5-20mins this is referred to as downtime.



Stage 4:

Deep Cleaning Process


We then use a high powered truck mounted unit to fully steam clean the carpets, The truck mounted unit stays out in the van, where on the odd occasion we can’t get parked we do have portable units that produce the same high powered steam cleaning, but these take longer to set up. The floor wand will spray and suck up the dirt. There is a neutralising agent inside our spray, which will leave the carpets free of detergent, so your carpets will remain cleaner longer.


Stage 5:

Any Stains or Areas Need Further Work? Furniture Back and Drying Times


At this stage you as the client will be invited to inspect the work, and if needed or requested we may have to treat certain stains again, that have not totally been removed, or repeat stages 2, 3 and 4 on certain “high traffic areas”.  We’ll ask you if your furniture has been returned too the right place, and place this furniture back on blocks , or tabs to protect the feet, and we will check your happy to replace certain items that have been removed out of the room. We’ll explain ideal drying conditions, and point out any specific issues we may have spotted.


Stage 6:



After each carpet clean we always groom the carpets we have cleaned so they look as new as possible. You as the client then inspect and only at the stage that your happy we will begin to pack away.

Carpet Cleaning in Ruislip, Watford, Pinner, Ealing, Northwood, Uxbridge, Harrow




  • Carpet life increased, that is a scientific fact
  • Dust mites, dead skin, odours, pet hair,  and bacteria’s removed during steam cleaning
  • Carpets visually always look clean for visitors
  • Clean carpets will help provide you with a Healthy Home




We do offer stain removal as a one off service, during our first conversation, I should be able to tell you how successful we are likely to be, you can also check our FAQ page for common stains and probable results. Our companies stain removal success is normally dependent on 5 things.


1. Does the carpet have a Stain Protection on it? This will mean the stain is far less likely to have penetrated the fibre. Making our job a lot easier.


2. What is the cCarpet Cleaner Amershamarpet made from? Wool carpets are far more  absorbent and will soak spillages into the fibres, unlike synthetic carpets that will be less absorbent, so spillages tend not to penetrate.


3. How long has the stain been there? If a stain has been on a carpet for say a day its far more likely to be removed than a stain that has been on a carpet for a year, I like to use the example of if you spill a drink on a garment of clothing you would not take the item off, and throw it in you wardrobe, to clean in a years time, you would treat it and put it in the wash straight away!! So don’t delay when dealing with stains.


4. What has the customer done to try to remove the stain? Unfortunately home owners tend to panic when a spillage occurs, and the tend to overuse proprietary stain removers and scrub and rub the stain to death, this can sometimes help lock the stain into your carpet or even sometimes bleach the carpet if its made from sensitive wool fibres. Again please check FAQ page for helpful hints on what to do.


5. And the last factor on whether we are successful is what actually was spilt. While well over 90% of any carpet stains can be removed or reduced there are certain stains that just can’t be removed. But if this is this case we can still help you, certain carpets can be repaired, or you may need to claim on your home insurance, under accidental damage cover, so we can help and assist you.


A-Mark Cleaning as a company have removed thousands of stains, and our company is well respected throughout the industry. So rest assured we will always give you the best advice.


Stain Advice

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