Removing Carpet Stains

Many homes have carpets throughout; all of which can experience a lot of foot traffic. Even homes without high volumes can experience carpet stains. They can happen so quickly, and it can leave you concerned that you may have ruined your entire carpet. The trick is not to panic. Incredibly now, many carpets come with extensive and long guarantees. These guarantees are often in relation to staining and this can provide you, the homeowner, with huge peace of mind.

We have collated a range of frequently asked questions and answers that cover stain advice. This page also has details of how to approach individual stains including soiling, urine, vomit, blood, rust and much more. It contains details of solutions to use to assist the process and methods to ensure full (or best) removal.

If you are faced with a carpet stain, there are a few top tips to help ensure your carpet is not damaged. These include:

Carpet Stain Removal Buckinghamshire
  • Only blot away wetness
  • Always scrape the excess to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Only use solutions that are compatible to your carpet type
  • Always consult your warranty details if you have one
  • Never leave detergent or solutions on the carpet as it will re-soil quickly
  • Do not over wet the carpet during the process of stain removal
  • Do not rub the carpet

This is an incredibly important element of the carpet cleaning process. If you rub the carpet you are likely to:

  • Damage the fibres
  • Damage the underlay underneath
  • You may fully remove the stain, but you may be left with matted carpet fibres that are unsightly
  • The best advice available is to employ the use of an experienced and local carpet cleaner. If you would like more details or our carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal services, please call 0800 695 1118 today.

Stain Advice

    How often should I have my carpets or
    upholstery cleaned?

    How am I best to clean stains?

    What is the black mark round the edge
    of my carpet? blue

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