Our Guide on How to Clean Upholstery Buckinghamshire

Upholstery Cleaner ChalfontIf you imagine one of the most used areas of your busy family home, it is likely that your upholstery will highly on your list. Throughout each and every day our sofas and chairs are used to relax on; it may be that we eat on them, wear our shoes on them, spill drinks on them and lounge on them.


This heavy use means to that too many of us are living with the unnecessary embarrassment of dirty soft furnishing. Through questioning many clients it is often thought that the cost or inconvenience of upholstery cleaning is a boundary that often puts them off enquiring.


It is some of the best feedback that we receive that our clients come to us stating that they feel they received great value for money, that the service we provided was cost-effective and that they were pleasantly surprised how fast and efficient our provision is.


Upholstery Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: a water filtration hoover is used in order to collect loose and ingrained dirt and particles from the upholstery. All loose cushions receive this treatment with all surrounding areas fully sheeted and protected.
  • Step 2: a pre-spray is then applied. This product is fabric-specific and will be sensitive to individual fibre-requirements and different types of stains. The detergent is worked into the fabric using either a sponge or a brush.
  • Step 3: the cleaning agent is then thoroughly rinsed away with extraction machinery. This part of the process leave the upholstery fabric detergent free.
  • Step 4: the upholstery suite is then inspected and the process is repeated for any particularly stubborn stains. Moisture is then withdrawn and any nap the fabric may have had is reset.


This tried-and-tested process produces incredible results without exception. If you would like to enquire about our upholstery cleaning service please call today on 0300 088 2188. We are time-served upholstery cleaners serving Buckinghamshire.


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