Carpet Cleaning Tips Gerrards Cross

Carpet Cleaning Gerrards CrossAre you looking for carpet cleaning tips? We have all been in the position where we are faced with a carpet stain that we feel is impossible to remove.


Suddenly we are having to consider the cost of replacement and the possible disruption that it would cause, yet alone the unexpected cost.


Although we all do what we can to avoid carpet stains; sometimes they are unavoidable. This is where we feel that our skilful services provide great value for our customers.


Removing Carpet Stains


We were asked to remove this particularly awful stain in Gerrards Cross. When visiting the property, the initial consideration was the fact that it would be a challenge to deep clean the carpet. It is a good thing that we are not afraid of a challenge and take great pride in the process of removing stains.


The image showing the stain prior to cleaning commencing shows just how dark the pigment was. It is often the case that if you are inexperienced that carpet fibres can be damaged through the process of rubbing or scrubbing in the aim of cleaning deep into the fibres.


Even if the stain is removed; you are likely to be left with an unsightly, matted area on your carpet where the stain once was.


Here are some carpet cleaning tips:

  • Carpet Cleaner Gerrards CrossThink fast; if a spillage occurs, take prompt action as this will reduce the likelihood of staining
  • Use an absorbent white cloth; ensure that your carpet is colour-fast and avoid using coloured cloths as you may find that the colour will run onto your carpet
  • Scrape up any excess with a blunt knife; as this allows you to tackle a smaller stain and the excess will not add to the area that you are trying to clean
  • Start from the outer edge of the stain and work inwards
  • Always fully rinse and blot dry
  • Never apply too much liquid to remove a stain


If you would like to enquire about our carpet cleaning service call today on 0300 088 2188.


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