How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

Carpet cleaning is a sought-after provision. It is a fast and efficient service that offers incredible (visible) results. If you have never had your carpet professionally cleaned before you may be wondering how long the process takes. We appreciate the importance of this question because the carpets withing our homes are well-used.


While there isn’t one single answer to this question, there is clear guidance we can offer that will help you better understand. There are a lot of different factors that influence the length of time the process takes. These may include:


Carpet Cleaning Influences: the size of your carpet –


Carpet Cleaning Gerrards CrossThis is one of the key factors that determines the length of time it takes to clean any carpet. It may sound obvious, but the larger your carpet, the longer it will take to clean. The smaller the area, the quicker the cleaning process will be.


Technological Advances


In comparison to older-style carpet cleaning, advances in technology have made the process considerably faster. It is now a more convenient service, meaning that you have access and use much quicker than previously.


Not all carpet cleaning companies have invested in this machinery. Therefore, it is important to check prior to selecting any particular company.


Carpet Fabrics


Hard wearing and durable carpet types can generally be straight forward to clean. However, more delicate and sensitive carpet materials may need a gentler approach to cleaning.


Cleaning Methods


There are various methods that can be used to clean carpets. Cleaning methods that require wetting the carpet will likely take longer. This is because all of the water and residue must be extracted. However, speed should not be the only decision-making factor here. You should talk with your chosen cleaner in order to find out what process is best for your carpets.


Level of Soiling


Again, it is another consideration that completely makes sense. If a carpet is more unclean than another, it is likely that it will take longer to clean. Some carpets may also need specialist treatments or stain protection.


So, taking all of these factors into account, what can you expect when you get your carpets cleaned? If you use professional carpet cleaning services, you can expect the average carpet to be cleaned in about half an hour to an hour. Your chosen professional will offer further clarity that will leave you confident that you are dealing with an expert. Call today on 0800 695 1118.


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