Steam Cleaning Carpets

There are various systems that clean carpets. Generally speaking a system called Hot Water Extraction is the best-available system. This process is often referred to as steam cleaning carpets. Essentially it is a process that uses steam to remove dirt and debris from your carpets.


Our Top Tip:


Our top tip is to make sure that the best cleaning system is selected for your individual job. How is this done? We have completed numerous carpet cleaning courses. This is combined with the fact we have the experience needed to see what your carpet is made from and how soiled/stained it is. We can almost always tell you what results you can expect; this means you will never waste your money if unsatisfactory results are expected. It also gives you, the customer, peace of mind.


Steam Cleaning Chalfont St PeterHere are some benefits of carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet life increased (a scientific fact)
  • Dust mites, dead skin, odours, pet hair and bacteria are removed during steam cleaning
  • Carpets visually always look clean for visitors
  • Clean carpets will help provide you with a Healthy Home


Steam cleaning, as a system, has been available for many years. It really does an amazing job of cleaning carpets. When completely appropriately it successfully removes a host of dirt, surface oils, allergens, bacteria and dust mites from your carpets. The process offers assurance that your carpets are left hygienically clean afterwards. What better peace of mind for home owners?


Why is it called steam cleaning?


A unit is used that heats water to a very high temperature. This creates a steam vapour that is then used with professional carpet cleaning machines to deep clean carpets and rugs. The difference between professional units and those available to purchase is the temperature; professional units will heat the water to around 200 degrees in order to produce fast and efficient cleaning. Other, lesser machines are not able to re-create this so offer unsatisfactory results when looking to remove dirt and oil. They are also less able to remove the residue from the cleaning process, meaning that re-soiling will happen quickly.


Are you looking for help from a professional carpet cleaner? Call today on 0800 695 1118; our services are cost-effective and are offered with exceptional customer service.


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