Mattress Cleaning Advice

Professional mattress cleaning can help you achieve a better night’s sleep! A lot of us make a significant investment with a good mattress. After all, we all spend a lot of time in our beds. So, it is therefore a wise decision to make that investment. Therefore, we all want it to last as long as possible.


The challenge is that we want it to stay fresh as well. It would not be enough to just keep it for a long time. If we consider that we use our mattress every day, it would maybe one of the least clean items in our households. Nobody wants to hear about it, but dead skin, sweat, dust and oils find their way into our mattresses.


mattress cleaning RuislipIf they are not regularly cleaned, these particles remain in the fibres and build up over time. We believe that if we could physically see these pollutants, then our decision about regular mattress cleaning would be an absolute necessity.


Mattress Cleaning Advice


There is much advice online about home remedies for cleaning mattresses. A lot of these do help to refresh them, but do not manage to deep clean as needed. Refreshing the surface may make it smell nicer, but it will not make it hygienically clean. We believe a clean mattress is an essential part of a happy, comfortable and clean home.


The standard recommendation is to deep clean your mattress twice every year. A-Mark Cleaning Services use products that work to eliminate odours, staining and bacteria. Our powerful cleaning machinery deep cleans without leaving behind any residue. Dust mites can be removed without the use of harmful chemicals. Our product range comprehensively cleans without releasing harmful fumes.


Professional cleaning is a cost-effective service. One that works to elongate your investment. We can also apply our long-term preventative anti-allergy treatment. Get in touch today and call us on 0800 695 1118.


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