Professional Mattress Cleaning Northwood

Whilst completing a mattress cleaning job in Northwood recently we were discussing the service with our client and why mattresses do require professional cleaning on a regular basis. The following information may leave you reaching for the phone to arrange a mattress clean.


Why do mattresses need cleaning? There are a host of contaminants that get onto our mattresses and even the most careful cleaner cannot avoid these from filtering into the bedding whilst sleeping. These include:


    • Dust mites
    • Allergens

Mattress Cleaning Northwood

  • Bed bugs
  • Hair
  • Dirt


Now is the good part; what can the process of cleaning mattresses offer?


  • All treatments that we use are Woolsafe
  • Our provision promotes improved air quality
  • No harsh chemicals are used
  • Our treatments are guaranteed as safe for pets and children


Our professional mattress cleaning services use hot water extraction to eliminate contaminants and deep clean the mattress. Our skilled technicians are experienced and equipped with the best-available cleaning solutions and techniques.


Further to this is our aim to offer an unrivalled level of customer service. No question is too big or small. It is important that our clients feel as though they have dealt with a friendly and professional team and that they are left better educated in relation to our cleaning services.


Your mattress is left clean and sanitised; this will no doubt leaving you sleeping easier and the service is competitively priced. Too many people live with bad odours, staining and dirty mattresses. Because they are covered up by your bedding does not mean that they go away!


We are extremely passionate about delivering a range of services that leave our clients with clean and hygienic spaces. It may be that you want to look at combining this service with another? If you would like to find out more please call today on 0800 695 1118.


Please keep in mind that we are able to offer a range of cleaning services. This includes carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning also. Feel free to discuss these services with us and we are happy to discuss pricing for each project.


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