Carpet Cleaning Ruislip

Carpet Cleaning Ruislip

Carpet cleaning helps us to have pride in our homes. Even the most careful homeowners discover that carpets deteriorate over time. There are a range of factors that contribute to this. This doesn’t necessarily have to be wearing shoes in your home. It can also be not wearing any socks.


Why wearing no socks can damage your carpet?


The problem with wearing no socks is that your feet have oils on them. The natural oils from your skin can discolour the carpet fibres. Over time this can become quite unsightly. Many people get confused. They assume that not wearing shoes is protecting your carpets. Although it does help prevent dirt from being brought in from outside, it does carry other problems as well.


Another element to consider is whether you have products on your feet. If you have bare feet and wear moisturiser then you will be carrying these oils around the areas, you walk within your home. We also advise clients to be especially careful when wearing false tan. If your tan leaks or wears onto your carpets, then it can easily discolour your carpets.


How do you fix this? To treat these oils, we have to use a carpet safe de-greasing product to strip the oils off the carpet fibres.


We understand the desire to go barefoot in your home. To protect your home carpets from natural and synthetic oils we do suggest wearing socks or slippers. We are able to help breathe new life into your carpets. Our carpet cleaning provision offers a comprehensive service to deep clean all types of carpets.


What can we do for you?


We guarantee you will be pleased with the results we achieve. We are happy to discuss all elements of the cleaning process and work conscientiously to deliver great results. Please call today on 0800 695 1118.


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