Advice for Cleaning Commercial Carpets

Are you looking for advice on cleaning commercial carpets? As Buckinghamshire and London’s leading commercial carpet cleaning company, we are happy to offer valuable information to help.


Tips for Cleaning Commercial Carpets


Cleaning commercial carpets BuckinghamshireGenerally, commercial carpets require three basic areas of care. This includes weekly vacuuming (at least), regular steam cleaning and occasional spot stain treatment. Making sure that you are well-informed means that you are equipped to ensure to get the most from your commercial carpets.


Vacuuming Tips


Vacuuming carpets offer really quick and noticeable results. Running a half-full vacuum does not save money. However, it will mean that your hover has to work harder. Furthermore, a hover that is not working as it should will leave dirt, debris and particles behind.


It is important to adjust the vacuum height to its maximum setting. Using full power, you should then lower the cleaner head until it feels like it is hugging the carpet. Taking your time is important. Rushing the process reduces the suction power and therefore makes it work less efficiently. Commercial carpets experience heavy wear and therefore cleaning these areas with a double pass means a better result.


Steam Cleaning


When professional carpet cleaners clean carpets, the process is quick and efficient. The steam cleaning process is managed with a high-powered truck-mounted system. The machinery extracts all dirt and debris and leave the fibres hygienically clean. Finding a supportive and knowledgeable cleaning company will offer great reward and assistance.


Spot Stain Removal


What is the difference between a spot and a stain? The simple answer is time. Once something drops onto your carpet, the liquid will start to oxidize into the fibres. By acting fast, you will reduce the likelihood of it turning into a challenging stain. However, it is important to be gentle with your carpet fibres. Whatever solution you use, it is important not to saturate the spot. This will just spread the spot through the carpet fibres.


Scrubbing a spill pushes it deep into the carpet. Instead of rubbing the stain, you should start to blot it from the outside, working toward the centre of the spot. It is important to change your cloth as it starts to absorb the liquid. Use fresh cloths to repeat the process until it has been removed.


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